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We believe nourishing your healthy lifestyle goes beyond the kitchen. We are devoted to delivering an exceptionally crisp experience to our guests, not just with our chef-crafted & scratch-made menu, but also through our high standard of service, our belief in being 100% authentic, & our passionate commitment to our community.

A positive life starts with the choices you make every day. We believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise between health and convenience, and the decision to Live Crisp and Eat Green should be an easy one.

Three Pillars of Core Beliefs:

An Exceptional Product

We provide nutritious and convenient food to fit a busy, wellness-driven lifestyle. While we believe that eating healthy should feel good, we also think it should taste good, too. That’s why every ingredient is prepared in our kitchen from start to finish. We craft every menu item to be full of flavors that are balanced, wholesome and unique, keeping your palate satisfied and your body nourished.

You shouldn’t have to choose between a quick meal and a healthy one. Your time is precious. We take advantage of technology, intelligent design, and thoughtful systems to ensure that your CRISP & GREEN® experience is efficient and seamless, even during our busiest times.

World-Class Hospitality

We believe that fast and efficient service can also be kind, engaging and gracious service. Every member of our crew has a natural passion for taking care of others and creating real connections. We take pleasure in providing genuine hospitality to each guest that comes through our doors and are proud to provide a memorable service experience.

Commitment to Community

Living Crisp is more than just eating healthy, it’s a movement that embodies being the best you from the inside out. We believe that every individual should have access to the tools needed to live a positive, healthy life. Therefore, we have teamed up with like-minded organizations in our community to bring you events that provide insight on how to be your best you.

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